Liebster Tagesbüchle

Today, we had more fun than ever. We went for an early lunch and ate many foods. Then we cycled to a big building to speak to fine people with little interest in what doom is approaching the bank. But it was nice to sit in the foyer with dark sunglasses on, commenting on passers by (i.e. girls), waiting for security guards to start up their PC so that we can get useful badges.

It was a fine meeting, filled with emptiness and a vague feeling of dislocation and no drinks. However, most people left early, so that we could hold monologues on things we don’t understand. It was very nice to leave the meeting with no actions on our part, and some moist handshaking all round.

Cycling back we almost got killed by a taxi, but that was OK, because it meant we finally had some adrenalin flowing to keep us awake for the latter part of the day.

Waiting for us was a nice desk with many papers and blinking lights on the telephone. After ignoring all urgent calls, and going for some fine coffee, we launched some new code into the real world to see what will happen this time. It’s called hotfixing and is much appreciated by all who don’t have to use the system we created.

Now after a hard days work it’s time to quit early before the alarms go off in production.

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