Calypso Cash Securities

January 2005 — December 2006

Role: Software Architect / Development Team-Leader.

Project: Calypso Securities Financing and Cash Securities Settlement


  • Implementation of Calypso Trading System for settlement of bond and equity trades.
  • Migration of all settlement functionality into Calypso.
  • Coordination and management of an 8-head Frankfurt development team within a global Calypso project.
  • Primary bridge between business analysts and developers for he implementation and rollout of new business functionality.
  • Special Topic: Value-dated accounting for the reduction of risk-weighted-assets.
  • Special Topic: Implementation of the stock general ledger in Calypso plus related external interfaces and reporting functions for regulatory reporting, financial reporting, risk, etc.
  • Special Topic: Settlement accounting and cash management interfaces as part of the overall initiative to migrate all settlement functionality of the investement bank into Calypso.
  • Systems architect for production and UAT unix machines (performance, sizing, monitoring, process improvements, production rollout procedures).
  • Review and adjustment of processes for SOX compliance.

Hardware: VCS Clustered Sun 4500
Operating systems: Solaris
Software: Calypso V7, Oracle 8i, Java, SQL, JDBC, XML, JMS, JNDI, Junit, MQSeries, SWIFT, OpenAdaptor, Mint, CVS

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