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  • A Trip into Dilbert Space

    Captain’s Log, Stardate 2011.11.15#234/AZ We are in trouble. Our funding has been cut and we have no more money for our “To Boldly Go” Initiative. Our incredible series of success stories did not protect us from the budget cuts of our sponsors (not even getting Spock’s brain back impresses anyone these days). Instead of the regular…

  • Captain’s Log: Caught in the Planning Void



    StarDate 20080408/MaH.1 We have entered into the Complexity Zone, in Quadrant 324.2436x N 76B. A strange feeling has overcome me, shortly after our arrival. I seem to have lost my sense of responsibility, and feel an irresistable urge to Build Walls. Something I have not experienced since taking that free course on intergalactic space administration…

  • Must-Have Modern-Day Business Cards For IT Professionals
  • Zorgon the Incredible

    Here’s the short story of Zorgon the Incredible. Actually, rationalist historians claimed he was actually called Zorgon the Inedible (after all, there is no evidence that he was eaten), but realist hysterians just screamed long enough that the subject was dropped… Some fights just can’t be won. Now, Zorgon was a lumbering mess of a…

  • Shipping IT

    Imagine: A Project Image: A Project is like a ship Fact-o-mat: Yes, it’s a ship. A ship with machinists dictating the course: right turns only (experience shows this is best), the pilot hanging out the pool bar, and destination moon.