Setup FIXimulator

Assuming you want to run/modify this from Eclipse

  1. The code is hosted at The FIXimulator project uses Mecurial SCM. Install this from here:
  2. There is no Eclipse plugin for Mecurial. So use the command line to checkout the project in your workspace:
    hg clone
  3. FIXimulator is a Netbeans project. All you need to do is make sure the root folder name is the same as the project name in the build.xml. So rename the directory to FIXimulator.
  4. Create a new Java project in your workspace, FIXimulator
  5. To build the thing, you can also use the command line, just run ant in the root directory of the project.
  6. To run the thing, just stay in the root dir of the project: java -jar dist/FIXimulator.jar it will pop up the GUI

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