Using Android Phone as a USB Tether on Mac OS X

Basic Links:


Basically need to

  1. Install tuntap for Mac OS X ( on the Mac and reboot.
  2. Then install TunnelBlick OpenVPN for Mac OS X ( on the Mac.
  3. Download azilink for google android ( (both the .apk and .zip files) on the Mac, and use adb to upload to the Android phone via USB.
  4. Start the azilink on the Android mobile connected on the USB port (after following the install instructions)
  5. On the Mac, copy the azilink.opvn file from the azilink .zip to $HOME/Library/openvpn (need to create the dir). Comment out the “socket-flags TCP_NODELAY” line
  6. Turn off any other networking. Double click on the TunnelBlick Icon on the top right corner of the Mac and start it up. Should work right away.

I also tried installing XCode (from Apple), MacPorts and then the port openvpn2, but then discovered TunnelBlick, so dropped that path.